• Know you're meant for more, but you're not sure where to start?

  • You know your life should mean more than you're doing now

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  • One in four people doesn’t know why they are alive.

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  • When we are doing what we were meant to do instead of what we think we should do, life becomes illuminating.
  • Using our intuition plus taking inspired action steps can banish our fear.
  • Seeking and pursuing what you were meant to do, instead of doing what you think you should do, is one of life’s greatest adventures.
Carolyn Hori ~ Archeologist of the Soul

Once upon a time I was a rule follower. A list maker.
A “stand-up-straight-and-do-what-you're-told" UCLA grad who invested in a corporate life with a successful Commercial Real Estate career. 20+ years of diligent work and success was indeed mine. Unmistakably, I had 'arrived'. It seemed great.

 Then ... it happened. It was a whisper, at first. It evolved into a Voice in the back of my mind to a constant, full-throttle demand (more of a yell) than a gentle whisper.

 "You ... are meant for more."

And, it didn't mean in Real Estate.


Let me be entirely honest and say - this was a shock. That Voice, (which I now know as my Higher Self) threatened everything I had accomplished and everything I ever thought I was. Did I say -shock?

My dream job, the source of my "Identity" and all the material comforts I earned became an unbearably inauthentic, sometimes quite uncomfortable existence. The pain of staying where I was in my career, the people and things I had to deal with daily became too much. You might know the feeling.

I have to admit, it was incredibly confusing! I took the gargantuan leap of leaving my corporate job and landed on what felt like unstable ground with, somehow, the realization that it was exactly what I needed to do. How could THAT possibly be? More importantly,

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What Do I Do Now?

I did the only thing I could fathom - which was reach out for help.
(One of the reasons I am here today for you is because I took that wise step on this adventurous journey. Indeed, there was an amazing purpose to after all.)

 I looked for other wisdom. People who had been on a soul's journey already. Back then in 2015, there were not many. There was no TikTok, barely IG and hardly GUS -God Source Universe. But there were some that knew STUFF.
The Inner Voice led me to various studies including Neuro-Linguistic Programming, conferences with Abraham Hicks, Oprah, Ekhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Tony Robbins, and studying in between. (Probably the same books on your shelves now!)

 So, from classic, Type A, 3rd Generation, Japanese American overachiever complete with glasses, piano lessons, outstanding GPA, tennis togs, (And, yes, I had a perfect bobbed haircut) to Intuitive, Clairvoyant, Healer and Coach. It has been quite the path!
You know, I realized then my ability in the life I was letting go of to mentor, guide, and advise with assurance in real estate - was never solely about that. It seems I was guiding others all along. What do you know? My intuitive gifts and connecting people to their Higher Self has always been doing this. I was just ramping up to a new super-fueled jet engine, kick ass version of who I am and now, I share that with others and help them find their Purpose.

Now, here I am with wisdom of my own to be able to guide you toward recognizing and expanding the highest possibilities your heart is calling you towards.

My job now? Fully stepped out on those long-ago skinny branches - offer it to the world, baby.

And, that - is exactly what I am doing. With excitement for what you are ready for and what is next for You...Let me help you, uncover the layers. What Are You Here For?

My Ikigai is to guide and teach others how to uncover their hidden passions and joy and to embrace The Present Moment - Carolyn Hori


As an Intuitive Business Coach I understand that people seeking a stellar life need a partner on their journey to help them set a course to realize their vision.

What sets me apart are these three things:

My deeply tuned intuition guides me to the best tools, resources and pathways so you can realize your optimal expression and abundance through the Inspired Action Steps I customize for you..

I won’t sugar coat things for you. If you’re here to work with me, we are going to get dirty. I will hold you accountable to take 100% responsibility for your life. It all starts here.

My Inspired Action Steps coaching process is highly individualized and responds to each session and each person whether for a CEO, an entire department or a sole proprietor who wears all the hats, each interaction is designed for you.

Your next Inspired Action Step is to schedule a complimentary 20 minute consultation with me to see if we are a match. You will enjoy taking away the gift of insight, or a moment of clarity, a great idea and I guarantee a smile.

  • Carolyn Hori has an extraordinary background, combined with an extraordinary sense of people’s motivators, influences, background, talents as well as challenges. She is able to get to the root of issues quickly which helps her clients start to realize the value of coaching services immediately. If you are looking to move to the next level professionally, personally or want to start creating a new, purpose – driven life that aligns to your core values and dreams, Carolyn can guide you on this journey. A small investment in yourself with Carolyn as your success partner will quickly yield an incredible ROI.


    Sr. Sales Executive
  • The impact of our weekly mastermind calls on my life has been invaluable. I wouldn’t dream of missing a call – they are too important to my life. They fill a need I didn’t know I had, to grow emotionally and spiritually with other people, in community rather than trying to do it all on my own. Now when I take various life assessments in workshops or in books, the spiritual side of my life is always at maximum satisfaction and fulfillment thanks to these weekly calls. That part of my life is continually growing and expanding beyond what I thought was possible thanks to Carolyn’s vision, leadership and clarity. She has the uncanny ability to see people’s blind spots, the blocks and beliefs that they didn’t even know they had. Her intuition, motivation and determination are unparalleled.


    Entrepreneur and Author
  • Carolyn Hori is the most incredible business coach that we have ever worked with! Her hands-on, structured approach has helped our LHspaces | Compass Team increase sales this quarter by over 200%. She has provided our Team with a platform to discuss their obstacles, while gently guiding them through the process of overcoming these hurdles in order to achieve their goals. Carolyn Hori helped our Team set their quarterly goals and has taken the time to show each Team-member how to create a path to success. With her help, our Team has achieved the goals that were set; dramatically increasing their daily productivity and sales volume.


  • Carolyn has a background in commercial real estate but she made the jump a few years ago to business coach. She specializes in helping professionals who are considering a transition and helps them figure out how to do what they really want to do (without throwing out all the years of expertise they’ve already accumulated). I met her through a friend and found her to be insightful and professional. She gave me a lot of great advice, encouragement, and new things to consider.


    Business Process Consultant
  • I am so pleased with the results of working with Carolyn Hori and thrilled with what has been achieved in just 8 short weeks! Our team is truly functioning at a higher level as a result of working with Carolyn. Her approach is very holistic – balancing elements of self care along with specific goal setting which creates defined, aggressive, yet achievable goals with a specific deadline. I think it’s the most effective coaching we’ve ever had! Our team has really come together through this process, and not only has their individual productivity increased, but the way that they work together is so much more in sync! I’d highly recommend Carolyn to everyone looking to improve their life and increase their income!


  • Carolyn is a miracle worker. Her work with one of my family, someone who was deeply unhappy with their job and their life, was absolutely remarkable. We had tried a lot of other counselors but only Carolyn got through - providing purpose, joy, and the courage to make a significant change. I am so grateful for the extraordinary job she has done and give her the highest recommendation. Seth W.


    Business Owner/Entrepreneur
  • Working with Carolyn has been a positive transformative process with my business and self. The growth I've experienced has created opportunities for my business and I continue to see the positive results first hand. I wish I started working with Carolyn since I began my financial practice but I’m so thankful for the time we’ve been working together. Carolyn’s intuition is spot- on and her energy is contagious! She supports you through your unique journey while showing you the opportunities where you can grow and thrive as a business owner and individual. I couldn’t be happier with the positive outcomes that have occurred since having Carolyn as my business coach. 


    Financial Advisor
  • Carolyn has been an amazing life and business coach. So supportive, intelligent and organized. I feel I am always talking to one of those tough love good friends. She tells me what I NEED to hear and do but in a way that is constructive and broken down in realistic actionable steps. I'm grateful to her and can honestly attribute a lot of my growth in such a short period time because of her.


    Best Selling Author and Fitness Expert
  • Carolyn is an intuitive coach, a guide, and a visionary, and she's here to catalyze the expansion and transformation of peoples' lives...or at the very least, get them to start thinking about it. I've witnessed her enthusiasm and desire as a member of the monthly Wayseers gatherings. And, most of all, it's her intention to inspire humanity to act, risk, and trust and be better humans.


    Visual Storyteller
  • It has truly been a powerful and invaluable experience. Carolyn has the rare combination of strategic business acumen, empathy and strong personal intuition which she utilizes adeptly to help guide you toward the necessary growth and action required to accomplish your goals.


    Interior Designer
  • It’s very rare that I blindly follow anyone. Carolyn is the exception… I trust her intuition, highly attuned business sense and strategic mind. She has an incredible gift… she has the ability to take you from the person you know deep down you are capable of being and effortlessly creates action steps to help you achieve it.


    Brand Strategist
  • Working with Carolyn has been a positive transformative process with my business and self. The growth I've experienced has created opportunities for my business and I continue to see the positive results first hand. I wish I started working with Carolyn since I began my financial practice but I’m so thankful for the time we’ve been working together. Carolyn’s intuition is spot- on and her energy is contagious! She supports you through your unique journey while showing you the opportunities where you can grow and thrive as a business owner and individual. I couldn’t be happier with the positive outcomes that have occurred since having Carolyn as my business coach. Trisha B




Business coaching

You know you are meant for something bigger. The tap is there. The whisper. You’ve read some books, maybe taken some in person or online classes about personal development or how to find your purpose. You’ve had some success in your life, so you know what it looks and feels like. You’ve read a little about me and you’ve realized that I could be the guide that you’ve been searching for. The next step is to check in with your gut and ask your intuition if you are really ready. Next, take action and contact me to book your complimentary twenty minute call so we can determine if we really are a fit. If you’re intrigued, let’s talk. It is a sign.

What should you expect during that call?
I will ask you some questions about your business goals. You will see unicorns and rainbows fly across your screen and you will know in your heart you are in the right place. Kidding aside, you will have a feeling that we were divinely guided to meet. Your soul will know if we are meant to work together.

One on one coaching packages are either weekly or every other week, depending on your timeline for expansion. Calls will be via Zoom, or on the phone. Occasionally I will meet with clients locally in person in the West Los Angeles area. Sessions are typically one to one and one half hours long with homework that you will work on in between our sessions. Each session is highly personalized and will depend on your questions at the time. I will be guided by my intuition and conversations with you as to the direction each session will take.

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Group Coaching

I love coaching groups! We start with a personal meeting with the team leader to establish business goals for your team or office. Next, I design a personalized strategy and we calendar sessions to hold you and your team engaged and excited to work toward the team or individual goals.

Each session will be lively, full of engaging discussion, topics of the week, and goal setting. Imagine your own personal mastermind group, built around your business and areas you want to improve. You will see immediate results in your team with improved communication and engagement. I will use an online platform like Google Classrooms or Monday.com to keep all of the information organized in an easily accessible place.

Group coaching packages prices vary depending on number of participants and overall business goals and timing.

Mastermind Groups

Imagine you had a place to freely share your thoughts, questions and a group to hold you accountable in a safe, fun and consistent environment,  Welcome to The Archeologist of the Soul Weekly Mastermind. I facilitate weekly, small group mastermind calls for four to six individuals. The calls are inspirational and structured. I guarantee you will end each call feeling inspired and excited to optimize your life. The calls are one hour and the structure is as follows: 

✔ Intention setting and expressions of gratitude
✔ Goal setting
✔ Weekly individual updates
✔ Discussion of study books/courses (a few samples include: books by Martha Beck, Eckart Tolle, Oprah, Tara Brach, courses by Brendan Bruchard, Rob Bell, Marie Forleo)



The little whisper keeps getting a little louder… You have a knowing that you’re here for more. You know you’re meant for something different, maybe to make a difference in the world? Maybe you’re here to serve in a unique way, but maybe you currently feel unsure and confused? BUT, you know you can feel the greatness inside. But, what should you do next?

Well, you’ve landed at the right place!

Give Your Soulless Job the Pink Slip is the first step to discovering your zone of genius. These six modules are the starting point to help you gain clarity, identify fear, and take the next, best action steps to start your journey to do what you are meant to do! 

Module 1 - Introduction to the Course

Module 2 - What Do You Really Want for Your Life and Business?

Module 3 - What Is My Purpose and Why Am I Here?

Module 4 - Fear-Why Is It Here and How Can I Embrace It?

Module 5 - Intuition-The Oldest New Commodity and How to Use It Now

Module 6 - The Present Moment and Inspired Action Steps

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A series of 12 weekly group zoom calls, tailor–made for young adults (age 12–19) just like you! Small groups – approximately four-six teens per session.

For participants to assume 100% responsibility for their lives, set goals, take action, be accountable, autonomous and bold within the framework of a community.

We meet weekly via Zoom for goal setting, accountability, physical wellness and learning new skills and emotional resources.

We are the Wayseers

Want and need community accountability to achieve your goals? It’s like a weekly weigh in for the mind!

The American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) did a study on accountability and found that you have a 65% of completing a goal if you commit to someone. And if you have a specific accountability appointment with a person you’ve committed, you will increase your chance of success by up to 95%.

✔ Our weekly, brief, phone call is the answer for your accountability appointment!
✔ Private Facebook Group to help you stay on track!
✔ Format-30 minutes or less!
✔ Speak 3 goals you have to the group
✔ Follow up on the three goals from last week
✔ Celebrate your wins!
✔ Ask the group for any support that you need
✔ That’s it! Next member!
✔ Try the first month for free and see your amazing results. Then it’s less than the price of a latte a week at $27/mo.


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