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What Exactly Does an Archeology of the Soul Session Do, Carolyn?

Simple answer, it does ALOT! Some of which you may have an awareness of or 'feel' and some of it - not. The work does its powerful own inner landscaping every time. Imagine an intuitive reading, meditation, energy healing, on steroids at the same time!

 ✔ Uncovers the layers of what has been stopping you on a Conscious and on an Unconscious Level - that have been preventing you from moving forward
✔ Brings intuitive insights for you to grow your life, relationship or business immediately
✔ Remove blockages through individualized Inspired Action Steps

Why should I book an Archeology of the Soul Session?

✔ Traditional routes of therapy or other methodologies have not produced the types results you seek or are taking too long. You are not seeing results in areas of your life that you feel you are continually working on
✔ You self sabotage, but you do not know why
✔ You feel fear about the unknown on a regular basis
✔ You are feeling out of alignment-in any areas- body, soul, mind
✔ You have goals and dreams which you have not been able to understand, move forward or plan on your own
✔ You know that there is something you must understand on a deeper level but you don’t know how to find the answers

What do I do during the Archeologist of the Soul Session?

Great question! I will utilize my intuition to do a check-in status of how you are doing and guide us through a conversation about your current state and your intentions. We will commence with some grounding exercises, short breath work and call in your Healing Team with a short invocation. I will channel many different benevolent and elegant healing frequencies for the next forty-five minutes to an hour.

What is a “frequency"?

Everything is energy. Frequencies are a wide range of different healing energies I have been attuned to though lifetimes and lifetimes of study. I channel these different frequencies to help heal all types of issues in the Physical, Etheric, Astral (Emotional and Mental), Causal (Karmic), and Spiritual bodies. Each frequency has a specific job, tone and texture. Think of them like different spices. When you work with me, I expose you to these benevolent healing frequencies to unlock your intention.

What do these frequencies - DO?


✔ Break apart old patterns
✔ Start to heal physical ailments
✔ Dissolve and remove energetic cords from other people, places or things which do not serve you
✔ Remove blockages of all different types that will help you to see, recognize and begin to heal old traumas, old ways of thinking, old mental loops and patterns
✔ Many times reveal unknown gifts and knowledge you may previously not have been aware of.

What should I expect before, during and after an actual Archeology Souls Session?

These sessions will be on Zoom.They can be recorded if you wish. Many people find it useful to replay our session again and again. You will receive different benefits each time. After the Session you will receive access to the recording to download. You can download it on your own for seven days.

Before the Archeology of the Soul Session:

1. You will send me 3 words to describe how you are feeling
2. You will write me a short sentence to describe your intention for (what you would like to get out of) our Session
3. You will find a quiet space in advance where you can sit uninterrupted for 20-30 minutes
4. You will remove your watch, laptop and have your phone on "do not disturb" or silence and put it away from your body.

A blanket during the Session and a journal or paper to write on during or after the Session may be helpful!

During the Archeology of the Soul Session:
We will talk at the beginning of the session, and I will provide some guidance on what I am seeing and feeling in your energetic space. You may sit or lie down. You can meditate or listen to instrumental, or binaural beats if that helps you relax. You do not need to do anything. You may or may not feel anything. Or, you may feel everything. You may fall asleep or go into a meditative state. You can't do it wrong. Isn't that great to know?

 After the Archeology of the Soul Session:
We will talk briefly when it is over. You can ask any questions at that time.

BEST Recommendation!
Don't plan on doing anything directly afterwards!!! You may feel a little 'fuzzy' in your brain, you may feel light-headed, you may just want to be in the moment and go with the flow. Not planning anything afterwards allows you to do this!

* STAY HYDRATED. You will want to drink a lot of water. A liter at least, is recommended. An easy way for some people to drink a lot of water is to add lemon or lime. Drinking alcohol or consuming any type of drug after our session is not recommended. A salt bath and good night’s sleep is a great idea.

 * DO your best to not judge what happened or make anything 'wrong'. You may not think that anything "happened". That is our ego mind. ("thank you Ego Mind, I appreciate you having my back - now, let's send those thoughts off to Hawaii, they can vacation there".)
Here's what I promise you the hours, days and weeks that follow, things will unfold. You may have a very clear sense then about what happened.

Jot down or voice record anything that comes to mind even if it does not make sense. Please write down words, thoughts, anything, dreams, even if it doesn’t make sense to you at the moment. This is your Unconscious Mind and/or Your Higher Self in communication with you and there may be symbols, directions, new ideas flowing your way fast. You want to capture them so that it may be useful later so you can remember them.

I like to remind people:
A sign or signal may be a song that comes on which moves you or represents something from your past, a billboard on the freeway may be showing you big time a profound sentence, it may be a phone call from a person long ago or an email that is calling you towards a new adventure, or a recommendation from a friend.

Those are all valuable fuel to the new adventure you just stepped onto! Allow excitement ... to take you.


$222 first session
$200 subsequent sessions
$600/3 sessions purchased together
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