Carolyn S. Hori: The Master of Inspired Action

It started innocently enough. My parents, always wanting the very best for us, gave us all the skills and opportunities that any typical Asian American growing up in Orange County, California could ever want. Studies, sports, piano, and the bowl cut that made me look like a little boy. I always knew I was different and from an early age, I had an entrepreneurial spirit. In the 6th grade I started to make customized bookmarks and sold them to my classmates for $1.00 each.

I was always a hard worker and started working when I was 14, some of my first jobs were working at an insurance company, teaching tennis and cleaning offices at night.

After receiving my BA from UCLA, I did what many people do, and — especially what my parents and society thought I should. I became a very successful real estate asset manager and moved up the corporate ranks, eventually obtaining what I thought was my “dream” job. Within a couple of months I realized my “dream” job was a total nightmare.

Throughout my 20+ year career in real estate, I was always providing clients with solutions. From baristas to billionaires, I had ideas that helped gave them more clarity. I was already a coach, a mentor and a confidante. I realized then that it’s not always the big things, it’s the small step you take today, tomorrow, again and again. I always knew I was meant to make more of a difference in the world. I felt a calling to do more than what I was doing which amounted to making more money for very wealthy people. Day after day, I found myself crying in the car on the way to and from work. After a few months, I found myself sick with a cough and cold I just could not shake. Even my brother asked me, “What are you doing”? I started to ask myself the questions that would become my mini mantras for the next 8 months. “What am I doing? How am I utilizing my talents? Why am I here? What could bring me more joy? What am I so afraid of?” One day after closing a large real estate deal after months of hard work I felt empty, sad and scared. I knew for certain, no matter what obstacles I had to overcome, I had to start reinventing myself.

I hired a coach and for three months we started to identify my fears, my worst-case scenarios and what could happen if actually gave up my “secure job”. Finally, I gave my notice, surrendered my lucrative paycheck, everything that came with that, including what had been my identify for most of my adult life.

Deep breath, drumroll… I quit. I was free!!! The first three weeks were full of fun and joy and then reality set in. OH. MY. GOD. What did I do?

I had a list of 12 things that I thought would be interesting to try. At that point, it was still about this idea of “security” and less about the joy. I am a Recovering Control Freak and unlike previous versions of me, I quit with no set plan. I decided to start my own company, LuxxeLife. I named my company Luxxe because the definition of luxury is “a state of great comfort.” I did know that I wanted to help people achieve greater comfort in business and in life. Part of my journey included filling a need I saw. I began to helping my clients manage their large, residential estates and investments.

Through this business another side opportunity presented itself. My true callingcoaching. In this case, it was helping my clients through various real estate transactions.

I realized I was very adept at helping people:

Thus, my title, The Master of Inspired Action was born!

I have learned that most people seeking a stellar life need a partner on the journey to help them set a course and a vision for the life they are seeking. With dedication, and perseverance, your dreams are within reach. I won’t sugar coat things. It’s challenging to do on your own, and honestly, why do you want to? I’m here to tell you YOU CAN. I am here to guide you through every step! I’ve seen transformations take place right in front of me.. I’ve helped everyone from successful entrepreneurs to Uber drivers get past their blocks and achieve goals they believed were out of their reach.

Challenges led me here and I’ve learned to find gratitude for them. I have found that peace is within, and the meaning to my life that I was seeking. Every day, I help people identify what they want, what they need, and how to take small steps of inspired action to build lives filled with more money, meaning, joy and purpose.

What is one thing you could do RIGHT NOW in the forward direction toward the life you are seeking?

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