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Whether you are traveling away from home for an extended period, need construction overseen or are simply stretched with the demands of your busy life and need an extra hand ~ our world class Team will put your mind to ease with stellar management and leadership that lets you breathe easier. 

Relax … your high value real estate is in the hands of the experts at LuxxeLife.


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“Carolyn Hori is smart, able to get along with both landlords and tenants, tough when appropriate and always responsive. Most importantly, the client was consistently happy with her work. I look forward to working with Carolyn again.”


— Mitchell Evall
Managing Partner,
Weissmann Wolff Bergman Coleman Grodin & Evall, LLP


“Carolyn Hori’s creativity and initiative were exemplary. Her professionalism, work ethic, and dedication to her  craft were outstanding and appreciated.” 


— Larry Flynt,
Hustler Magazine


“Carolyn, by far, has been the best asset manager I have worked with.”


— Jennifer N. Taylor, CCIM, CPM® Managing Principal and Founder,
Atalanta Realty Investments


“We needed to trust someone on the scene for our Los Angeles property as we were in NY. Carolyn’s work ethic and expertise turned out to be an excellent choice.


For 6 years she extensively oversaw all matters with our subtenants, repairs and building management, even skillfully dealing sometimes with the conflicting interests of all. 

I highly recommend her in all real estate matters.”  

— Maria DeNunzio
Former Director, 
HBO Corporate Services Administration


“Carolyn helps create a stimulating environment where you will be pushed to look at things in a new light while having total confidence that the work is getting done with limited supervision.


She is one of those people you look forward to seeing each day in the office.  In addition to her great discipline, conscientiousness, and vigorous analytic capabilities, she is just plain fun to be around. ”

— Chuck Bruni,
Managing Principal,
Arroyo Holdings


“Carolyn Hori is an extremely bright and hard working executive, who impressed me with her initiative and effectiveness. She is a team player, and a leader in all respects. It was a pleasure to work with her, and I unreservedly recommend her as someone who will surmount any challenge and achieve optimal results.”


— Robert Gaddis, MBA, CPA, CFA
Chief Financial Officer,


“I have known and worked with Carolyn for over 20 years. One of Carolyn’s greatest strengths is her ability to quickly assess the situation, identify the goal and determine the critical path to reach resolution while considering all options.


Carolyn has an outgoing, positive personality that fuels her colleagues and the company. I can, without hesitation, recommend Carolyn to perform any task asked of her.”

— Vincent Bohanec,
Chief Operating Officer,
ARKA Properties Group, Inc.

Luxury Apartments

Our Services



Estate Management Services

  • Property inspections, weekly or monthly as required
  • Monthly contract administration and invoice processing
  • Review property insurance policy for coverage and special riders, recommendations
  • Review of existing contracts and recommendations
  • Contract and job negotiation
  • Vendor oversight and conflict resolution


Project Management Services

  • Construction services with licensed general contractors
  • Determine projects to be completed – proposals and bidding summary
  • Project oversight and coordination
  • Interior design referrals and review
  • Specialty vendors for all needs


Additional Services

  • Land use attorneys and specialty title work
  • Review of survey, easements
  • Neighbor disputes and recommendations for resolution




Carolyn Hori LuxxeLife


Carolyn S. Hori, LEED AP, CCIM, CPM®

With over 20 years experience in Real Estate and Asset Management, Carolyn Hori has worked with Fortune 500 and nationally recognized real estate companies along with a myriad of high net worth family offices.   Throughout her extensive real estate tenure she has done it all from Director of Asset Management, Chief Investment Officer, Director of Real Estate to Director of Investment Sales all with undeniable charisma and a firm handshake.  As a California Real Estate broker, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, Accredited Professional (LEED AP), Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM), and Certified Property Manager (CPM®), Carolyn’s diverse experience and leadership can conquer any project.

She is an expert at breaking down ineffectual systems, restructuring operational strategies with proven tools to maximize efficiencies and achieve business excellence. Carolyn knows that combining laser focus vision with a customized and intuitive approach is the secret to achieving your property’s operational success.

Whether dealing with Vendors, Executives, VIPS or Celebrities in the Entertainment Industry …  Carolyn’s rapport skills and high level of responsibility has proven time and again the value of her trustworthiness.  She, simply, is someone you will immediately know should head up your Team.

Founder and CEO